Here's what our residents have to say about us!

"I had the pleasure of first meeting Eileen Ebner when she was being trained as an assistant leasing manager. During that first meeting I could tell it was going to be successful. Once Eileen became the leasing agent change was in the air. First and foremost she was honest, something all Riverfront residents were craving. I never got a false promise from her. Her word was her truth. Eileen has a motto "On It" when an issue arises. Between she and Troy problems are not only addressed, but solved immediately. Eileen and Troy have provided Riverfront with a doggie station and clean up help for non-abiding doggie residents. Together they keep our home environment safe and clean. They have evicted the troubling tenants they were given from the opening of the building.

Eileen's team works to provide us with a safe and happy environment. We now have security cameras to continue our safety plan. Eileen has had speed bumps put in place to eliminate unsafe driving issues. Snow removal is now quick and clean. Troy even returns to fix less than acceptable jobs done by others. As a team these two are the consummate Hutchinson duo. "No job too big or too small"

When I signed my new lease it was with the "promise that both Eileen and Troy would continue to be my go to people. I don't want apartment living without Eileen and Troy with me. I am blessed to be able to call Hutchinson my family ...thanks to their hard work."

Gretchen G., Riverfront South Resident

"I wanted to take a moment to send a compliment in regard to your property management and why I am happy to renew my lease with your company!

Whenever I have a problem or concern, I contact my property manager, Eileen. She gets maintenance on the job or investigates the issue right away and gets back to me in a timely manner with what she has found out.

I would give the team an A+ for results."

Wayne S., Providence Place

"It's a privilege to live in such a beautiful building as 904 Campbell Street. Such a lovely rental property deserves a great manager. It has one: Eileen Ebner. I moved here inJune 2022. Since the early days when it was a brand-new apartment with a first-time tenant, Eileen and the tremendous maintenance crew, especially Troy, have followed up on every issue promptly and expertly. Eileen responds immediately to any queries or issues. She is polite, professional, competent and enthusiastic about her job. Troy made moving in and finalizing details simple and stress-free. The property is well-maintained on an ongoing basis. It's a thumbs up all the way around!"

Cynthia S., The Stacks

"Eileen consistently ensures that tenants are happy and satisfied with their living experience. Troy is highly skilled and always promptly addresses any issues that arise, providing exceptional service to the building's occupants. Together, they have made an exceptional team, ensuring that the property is well-maintained, and residents are taken care of. I have enjoyed my experience here and hate to leave!"

Jessica S., The Stacks

"My family fell in love with this home at first sight and Eileen made sure our experience was as comfortable as possible. Eileen is personable, organized, and professional. She has been quick to respond to any questions we have had and explained all processes thoroughly. Upon moving in the home was clean, updated, fresh, and welcoming. My family has had anabsolutely wonderful experience from start to finish!"

Kerissa, Home Rental

"I live at Phillips Park Drive building and would like to share how pleasant, amazing and hardworking your staff is. In June 2023, I will have been living here for 2 years. When I first saw the apartment, I was crazy in love with the layout. The location by the river, a deck to enjoy it, including the proximity to highways, shopping, restaurants, entertainment, convenient stores and gas stations was impossible to say "no" to. The beautiful and tidy grounds, the abundance of parking and the exterior of the building clinched the deal for me. However, this isn't the best part of living here. I live alone so any type of repair to the apartment or knowing who to call to come address the larger items was way out of my league, even the most simplest of repairs brought about anxiety. So here is the best part, you call the Office for arepair ticket and a maintenance man calls shortly afterward to schedule a time that's convenient for me, and my repairs list would be completed beyond my satisfaction and without fail. Recently I've had the repair of big ticket items, the refrigerator and extremely dirty carpets. I hesitated presenting my list to Eileen due to the costs associated with these items. I emailed the list around 12:30pm Wednesday and a few hours later I had responses to every bullet point on my list. Troy (who is a rockstar) will be addressing the small repairs, Beiter's called me to set up an appointment to come look at the fridge and Rainbow Cleaners is coming next Saturday to shampoo the carpets. Eileen took care of absolutely everything and in prompt fashion. So it's not just because the building and my apartment are comfortable and attractive but more so the treatment I receive after the lease is signed. When you bundle all this together, it's the makings of an extremely happy tenant who never wants to move again!"

Dianne,Phillips Park Drive Rental

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